Frequently Asked Questions

I work in the wardrobe industry. Can we rent/buy from you?

Yep!  We love working with wardrobe folks and have outfitted some awesome shows and movies filmed in NYC.  Our rental restock minimum is $150. We offer different tiers of service - tell us about your project and budget and we'll let you know how we can help.  We know you have specific needs and challenges and we're here to make your job as easy as possible.

Why are you only open to the public on select days?

The other days are for private appointments, purchasing and processing inventory.

Can I make an appointment?

Absolutely. We love appointments (email us at to set one up - deposit required). During our open public hours our minimum to get wholesale prices is $400 but no deposit necessary.

Do you ship inventory?

We have preferential rates for shipping both domestic and international so if you don’t want to schlep your inventory we’d be happy to help you make arrangements for all purchases over $1000.  

How do I shop the warehouse if I'm not “industry”?

Come by during our public hours and dig!  You can also shop during our events - join our newsletter or follow along on the socials for updates.

Do you consult, style, or offer other expertise?

Yes.  If you’re looking for easy-to book non-union assistance, we can help with dating vintage, historic trends, prints, etc.  We can also help with the ins and outs of running a vintage business both online as well as in-person. Maresa covers the basics HERE.  With almost 20 years of experience in the industry, she’s a one stop shop for styling, dating, forecasting or any other fashion or wardrobe needs you may have.  Email with details about your gig for rates.

Do you rent your location for filming?

We do.  As a champion of small businesses, we get approached a LOT by indie productions with no budgets.  Please keep in mind that we are also a small business ourselves and we can’t keep championing if you don’t help us keep the lights on.  Our rates are somewhat flexible depending on the foot print you use, the day of week and time of day as well as the cultural value the event.  

Do you buy from the public?

We buy most of our staple vintage from large suppliers, not individuals.  However, if you have special pieces (such as higher end pieces from the 70s and earlier, kimonos, designer vintage, etc.) you're welcome to shoot us a detailed email with photos of your collection.  Send to with the subject line "Selling high end vintage"

What if I want to host a pop up or event at your warehouse?

Great!  We love that stuff.  Shoot us an email and we can talk details.

I want to get updates about the events you host.  

Great!  They're cool and we work hard on them so we want you to know about them.  Sign up for our mailing list at or follow us on social media: INSTAGRAM, FACEBOOK, TWITTER