It's RUMMAGE SALE time again!

We're celebrating Pi Day with one of our famous pile sales!  Many of you already know the drill: all of our clothes are great, but some garments need a little loving rehab we sadly don't have time to give (tiny issues like small holes, removable stains or missing buttons... all easy fixes). So if you're handy with a bottle of Oxiclean or needle and thread, you’ll find incredible vintage scores for pennies on the dollar.

For $25, you can stuff as many items as you can into a plaid, woven plastic bag that we provide. 

- $25 per bag (provided).  Cash only.
- We won't be restocking so show up early and be ready to dig.
- No dressing room for this event.
- After the sale, our warehouse reverts to normal, and you're free to browse our standard stock. 

- Please don't steal things off our shelves or walls.  It hurts our feelings and makes us feel unappreciated.  

See you next Saturday! 

Welcome Spring with Soft Skin: A Centering Oil Blending Workshop for Your Soul

Our last Hi Wildflower Botanica workshop sold out early, so we're bringing you a special Spring Equinox addition!  Learn about natural oils and herbs and the effect they have on us.

To welcome the spring you'll be creating two things:

A Spirit Elixir - body/face oil (also makes a great meditation oil)
A personalized herbal tea blend to ground, center and calm

The spirit elixir is a beautiful concoction composed of sacred woods like Palo Santo, Sandalwood, Frankincense; as well as flowers rooted in ancient traditions, including Blue Lotus, Jasmine, Rose - these simple blends can be used for meditation and centering as we enter a new season.

Some of the materials we will learn about and work with for the Herbal Tea: chamomile, yarrow, rose, lavender, violet leaf, jasmine flower, calendula, damiana.  This blend can be steeped in hot water, smoked or used for a facial steam.

We'll even have personalized messages you can write on tea bags - gentle reminders of self-love and intentions for the new season.

Space is limited, so make sure to get your tickets HERE. Class cancellations must be 48 hours before the event.  The warehouse is open from noon on Fridays, so come by early for some good vintage pickings!
Friday, March 20th 7 - 10 pm
251 Greenpoint Avenue, Brooklyn

Valentine's Day doesn't have to stink: An Aromatic Elixir Workshop

Learn to make a potent elixir made with aromatherapeutic aphrodisiacs in this immersive workshop + bespoke scent creating class.

WHEN : THURSDAY 2/12 , 7-9 PM
WHERE: Dusty Rose Vintage Warehouse  251 GREENPOINT AVENUE 
This workshop allows for you to sample an extensive library of essential oils, resins and absolutes from all over the world.

Explore your olfactory prowess!  We'll cover the basics of natural perfumery, exploring aphrodisiac and uplifting Top, Heart and Base notes, and some perfume history.
What you'll receive in this 3-hour introduction to natural perfumery:
1 15 ml Roll-On Bottle of your own bespoke perfume
1 cotton drawstring bag
20% your next purchase of Hi Wildflower Botanica
Drinks  + Private shopping at the warehouse!

Tickets: $50 - purchase HERE


Wishing you all the best this holiday season.  We're hitting the road to spend time with some loved ones.  Hope you are too.  We'll be back Friday, January 9th.  

Happy New Year!

Stay safe, be warm, and see you soon!


How to Host, A Local Creative Holiday Party

Martha Stewart will give you a million ideas for how to host a holiday party, but we wanted to do something that felt a little more "Brooklyn" so we're helping you bring some local, independent flare to your soiree. 

Local Creative have pulled a collection of holiday attire for ladies and gents.

Kingsland Printing will have a DIY holiday card making station. 

Little Knitty Things will have holiday garlands, tree ornaments and hair crowns, as well as a DIY tassle necklace making station. 

Hi Wildflower Botanica will have a selection of candles, including a custom blend for Donna Bar. 

There will be a cash bar with a holiday punch crafted by Donna bar specifically for this event.

Come get crafty and get yourself ready for the holiday parties to come!

Dusty Rose Vintage Warehouse
251 Greenpoint Avenue
Wednesday, December 10th, 7:30 - 10:30 pm

It's time to get CABIN FEVER

The cold is officially here so it's time to accept it and get ready. We've got some special treats to help you embrace the season. 

Ivy Margarita Weinglass has made a beautiful collection of comforters with bandanas from the warehouse to keep you cozy. And lavender eye pillows to keep you calm about the brutal weather ahead. And totes to carry all of your winter essentials like gloves and chapstick and flasks of whiskey. Might as well do all of these things in style. 

Sogis Honey Bakeshop will have the most adorable winter themed cookies to help you get some extra meat on your bones. If you don't know her work, you should. These are the kind of holiday treats that will give you some pretty solid street cred, so get your orders in early!

And WE have prepped some of our nicest, top quality winter wear that is sure to keep you toasty in even the most arctic environs.

Plus, we're breaking in our new hot drink dispenser so there will be adult cider to warm your soul. And, as always, if you want to go in for the cheap stuff, the bins are available for your diving pleasure.

Come play with us! xo

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