Let's Spoon! A Ceramic Workshop with Demetria Chappo

In this workshop, you'll create 1-2 hand sculpted spoons/utensils and a pinch pot.  Plus there will be wine.  

You will:

-Learn the traditional ceramic method of pinching, creating hand-sculpted organic pieces that rewards beginners and masters alike
-Learn to score and slip to attach functional or decorative details
-Exploring various finishing techniques like smoothing, adding a variety of textures and altering the shape
-Put the finishing touch on your piece with a painterly palette of underglaze colors

Demetria will bisque-fire glaze your piece with a transparent, food-safe glaze and then high fire a second time in the kiln. Pieces will be ready for pick up in approximately 3 weeks.

We like to have supplies ready in advance, so for all you planners we have an EARLYBIRD
"Spooners Special":  

Get your tickets HERE by 8 pm on February 22nd for just $60.  They will be $68 after.  

We look forward to spooning with you!  

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