Bespoke Natural Perfumery with HiWildlfower

You asked for another Hi Wildflower perfume workshop so here it is! 

Learn the natural perfumer's craft in this immersive workshop + bespoke scent creating class!  Explore a beautiful library of essential oils, resins and absolutes from all over the world. As a special treat for Valentine's Day, we'll also learn about essential oils that have longed been considered aphrodisiacs, to help you concoct a scent-elixir that captures your romantic, free and open spirit!
We'll cover the basics of natural perfumery, exploring Top, Heart and Base notes, scent families, perfume accords, carrier oils, and perfume history.  We'll be sniffing, learning the history, taking notes, discussing our perceptions, the vibe of each scent.  This is why it's best to experience learn in an intimate group environment.  
1 Roll-On Bottle of your own bespoke perfume
1 cotton drawstring bag

And don't forget about our Valentine's Sip 'n Shop event February 13th.  
See you there!

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