Welcome Spring with Soft Skin: A Centering Oil Blending Workshop for Your Soul

Our last Hi Wildflower Botanica workshop sold out early, so we're bringing you a special Spring Equinox addition!  Learn about natural oils and herbs and the effect they have on us.

To welcome the spring you'll be creating two things:

A Spirit Elixir - body/face oil (also makes a great meditation oil)
A personalized herbal tea blend to ground, center and calm

The spirit elixir is a beautiful concoction composed of sacred woods like Palo Santo, Sandalwood, Frankincense; as well as flowers rooted in ancient traditions, including Blue Lotus, Jasmine, Rose - these simple blends can be used for meditation and centering as we enter a new season.

Some of the materials we will learn about and work with for the Herbal Tea: chamomile, yarrow, rose, lavender, violet leaf, jasmine flower, calendula, damiana.  This blend can be steeped in hot water, smoked or used for a facial steam.

We'll even have personalized messages you can write on tea bags - gentle reminders of self-love and intentions for the new season.

Space is limited, so make sure to get your tickets HERE. Class cancellations must be 48 hours before the event.  The warehouse is open from noon on Fridays, so come by early for some good vintage pickings!
Friday, March 20th 7 - 10 pm
251 Greenpoint Avenue, Brooklyn

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