"Going through it" workshop with Susan Alexandra on getting through shit together

This will be the cheapest, most creative and fun therapy session you'll probably ever have.  

Join Susan Alexandra for an evening of getting through shit together with a cathartic flower pot painting workshop!

Need to work through some anger? Want to attract abundance? Feeling down and out? 

We feel you.  

Remember, every flower must grow from dirt!
Let's create symbolically charged, hand-painted flower pots with symbolic meaning to help get us through our shit.  It's a lot easier when we know we're all in this mess called life together.  

Date: 11/11
Time: 7-9pm
Dusty Rose Warehouse, 251 Greenpoint Ave

TICKETS: $50 includes: terra cotta pot, paints, Susan's personal supply of adornment tchotchke's, one on one consultations (aka a nice therapy sesh)

Wine and refreshments will be served!

Let's do this shit together!  

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