Tarot is back with Lindsay Mack

To read tarot is to look into a sacred mirror of the soul. It is a bridge that connects our earthly selves to our wild selves, an ancient and unwavering connection that is available to us at any moment. The medicine of a Tarot reading can spark deep healing and evolution within us. It can help us to release old patterning, blocks, and fears. It is a divine compass, pointing us in the direction of our soul's true path. 

In this comprehensive workshop, we will explore the Tarot as a healing form, as well as how to deepen our intuition. We will cover the following (and more!):

-The Major and Minor Arcana

-How tarot can help us release deep fears and old patterning

-How the nervous system has everything to do with life changing readings 

-Spreads, as well as how to pull cards

-How to deeply expand your intuition (this will be powerful for even the most intuitive witches out there!)

-How to care for your cards 

Bring your deck, a notebook and a pen!

Tickets HERE - $40 earlybird, $45 day of

Adult beverages provided

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