Skin Cleanse DIY Product Workshop with Adina Grigore of SW Basics

Most of us know better than to slather our faces with chemicals, but we get busy and do it anyway. We try to buy natural products only to find out they have some random ingredient that's really bad for our skin. We don't want to drop a ton of money for something we're not sure will work.

Adina Grigore, author of Skin Cleanse and mastermind founder of SW Basics, wants to help.  As a local business, her products are already well loved in Brooklyn.  But now you get the opportunity to make this stuff yourself! 

In this class we'll be making an assortment of products: a scrub, mask, cream, facial and body oil, toner, and cleanser! You'll get to take home a bag full of new products, and you'll learn the principles of simple DIY--how to turn kitchen cabinet ingredients into effective, beautiful skincare. Copies of Skin Cleanse will be available for purchase in case students would like to go home and continue their DIY journey!

I don't know if you could really ask for much more.  This is gonna be great.  


Tuesday, July 23rd  7 - 9 pm
Dusty Rose Vintage Warehouse - 251 Greepoint Avenue
Tickets: $65 available here

Come join us for some healthy eco fun for your face!  


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