It's RUMMAGE SALE time again!

We're celebrating Pi Day with one of our famous pile sales!  Many of you already know the drill: all of our clothes are great, but some garments need a little loving rehab we sadly don't have time to give (tiny issues like small holes, removable stains or missing buttons... all easy fixes). So if you're handy with a bottle of Oxiclean or needle and thread, you’ll find incredible vintage scores for pennies on the dollar.

For $25, you can stuff as many items as you can into a plaid, woven plastic bag that we provide. 

- $25 per bag (provided).  Cash only.
- We won't be restocking so show up early and be ready to dig.
- No dressing room for this event.
- After the sale, our warehouse reverts to normal, and you're free to browse our standard stock. 

- Please don't steal things off our shelves or walls.  It hurts our feelings and makes us feel unappreciated.  

See you next Saturday! 

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