Valentine's Day doesn't have to stink: An Aromatic Elixir Workshop

Learn to make a potent elixir made with aromatherapeutic aphrodisiacs in this immersive workshop + bespoke scent creating class.

WHEN : THURSDAY 2/12 , 7-9 PM
WHERE: Dusty Rose Vintage Warehouse  251 GREENPOINT AVENUE 
This workshop allows for you to sample an extensive library of essential oils, resins and absolutes from all over the world.

Explore your olfactory prowess!  We'll cover the basics of natural perfumery, exploring aphrodisiac and uplifting Top, Heart and Base notes, and some perfume history.
What you'll receive in this 3-hour introduction to natural perfumery:
1 15 ml Roll-On Bottle of your own bespoke perfume
1 cotton drawstring bag
20% your next purchase of Hi Wildflower Botanica
Drinks  + Private shopping at the warehouse!

Tickets: $50 - purchase HERE

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