Afroista's Capsule Collection for Greenpoint Open Studios

In a world crammed with fast fashion it's easy to forget that self presentation can be a true form of art.  Luckily Afroista is around to remind us all.  She came to the Dusty Rose warehouse to flex her artistic muscles and dug up some gems.  We'll be launching her capsule collection for Greenpoint Open Studios.  She'll be here with us Friday, 10/3 for the launch of the collection.  We'll also have illustrations of style icons done by Greenpoint's own Libby VanderPloeg.  But those are so good that they'll get their own post.  

Stay tuned!!!

Here are some outfits she styled with pieces that will be available.  If you could see how quickly she pulled these together out of a warehouse packed with thousands of pounds of clothes, you'd be as impressed as I am.  She's been permanently added to my list of style gurus.  

Which one is your favorite?

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