James Society x Dusty Rose Vintage Collaboration

Scarf available HERE

It's no secret - I love working with folks who take the gorgeous pictures that I don't have time for.  Running a wholesale warehouse is an absolute beast all on it's own.  But because I'm touching clothes all day, the colors, prints and textures keep my imagination running.  I feel so fortunate that I get to work with so many creative people with styles and tastes that run the fashion gamut.  

Burgundy blazer available HERE

I fell in love with James Society the moment I saw their photography.  I'm originally from the Southwest so desert landscapes will always have a very special place in my heart.  As you can probably see, it was hard to not be influenced by the dusty neutral backdrop when pulling a collection for them. 

Rust skirt available HERE

I love bold prints, but sometimes what's even more fascinating is seeing what someone else does with a basic staple.  I LOVE the minimal color blocking in this look.  

Plaid skirt available HERE

I hope it never ceases to excite me to see how different people style an outfit.  Personal style is such a wonderful thing, and we all have it even if we think we don't.  I love that the massive scale of what I do lets me see such a broad view of all of our similarities and differences.  Thanks so Brit and Ben and to all of you for showing me those little pieces of you!  


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