Wishing you all the best this holiday season.  We're hitting the road to spend time with some loved ones.  Hope you are too.  We'll be back Friday, January 9th.  

Happy New Year!

Stay safe, be warm, and see you soon!


How to Host, A Local Creative Holiday Party

Martha Stewart will give you a million ideas for how to host a holiday party, but we wanted to do something that felt a little more "Brooklyn" so we're helping you bring some local, independent flare to your soiree. 

Local Creative have pulled a collection of holiday attire for ladies and gents.

Kingsland Printing will have a DIY holiday card making station. 

Little Knitty Things will have holiday garlands, tree ornaments and hair crowns, as well as a DIY tassle necklace making station. 

Hi Wildflower Botanica will have a selection of candles, including a custom blend for Donna Bar. 

There will be a cash bar with a holiday punch crafted by Donna bar specifically for this event.

Come get crafty and get yourself ready for the holiday parties to come!

Dusty Rose Vintage Warehouse
251 Greenpoint Avenue
Wednesday, December 10th, 7:30 - 10:30 pm

It's time to get CABIN FEVER

The cold is officially here so it's time to accept it and get ready. We've got some special treats to help you embrace the season. 

Ivy Margarita Weinglass has made a beautiful collection of comforters with bandanas from the warehouse to keep you cozy. And lavender eye pillows to keep you calm about the brutal weather ahead. And totes to carry all of your winter essentials like gloves and chapstick and flasks of whiskey. Might as well do all of these things in style. 

Sogis Honey Bakeshop will have the most adorable winter themed cookies to help you get some extra meat on your bones. If you don't know her work, you should. These are the kind of holiday treats that will give you some pretty solid street cred, so get your orders in early!

And WE have prepped some of our nicest, top quality winter wear that is sure to keep you toasty in even the most arctic environs.

Plus, we're breaking in our new hot drink dispenser so there will be adult cider to warm your soul. And, as always, if you want to go in for the cheap stuff, the bins are available for your diving pleasure.

Come play with us! xo

Halloween Costume Ideas from the Warehouse

It's that time folks! Halloween is right around the corner and it's about time you have yourself an idea for your costume!

Now, we've all been there: the clock is ticking and it seems that what was once an overflowing well of costume ideas has since run dry. Well, we here at Dusty Rose know that time is of the essence, so we've taken a dive into our warehouse to come up with a few choice costume ideas for your spooky shindig!

Take a looksee:

bride of Frankenstein

50's bopper

salsa emoji

sailor babe

mod bond girl

sharp shootin'


frida khalo


Rosie the Riveter

...or if you just wanna be that guy

We've left everything we dug up in a bin at the front to make it easier for you.  

Happy Halloween!  xo

DRV x Alissa Laderer Warehouse Capsule Collection

Model, actress and blogger best known as Miss Alissa came to the warehouse to dig out a collection that captures her tough girl brand of femininity. Think lots of black, lace, grunge florals, etc. Basically, everything that you want to be wearing right now.

Join us Friday for some drinkies to celebrate the launch of her collection. It will be available for the next few weeks if you can't make it, but opening nights are always more fun so come if you can!

Libby VanderPloeg's "Revival" show at Dusty Rose for Greenpoint Open Studios

I've been a fan of Libby VanderPloeg's work for quite some time.  I first fell in love with her illustrations for Design Sponge, and after meeting her at a Greenpointers market her humor and humility did me in.  I knew I had to work with her.  I saw that she was doing illustrations for Greenpoint Open Studios and assumed she would have her own thing going on for the event.  But when you want something, you have to just go for it and ask.  Lo and behold - she had no plans!  I told her about the capsule collection Dusty Rose was hosting and then she offered to do style icon illustrations.  I was over the moon.  We brainstormed a bit and the suddenly these amazing pieces started popping up in my inbox, a new one every day!  This gal has such beautiful and singular talent, and I'm so honored to be the host to debut this work.  We'll have an order form at the warehouse so come by and pick your favorites.  (I know, that part is hard).  

Afroista's Capsule Collection for Greenpoint Open Studios

In a world crammed with fast fashion it's easy to forget that self presentation can be a true form of art.  Luckily Afroista is around to remind us all.  She came to the Dusty Rose warehouse to flex her artistic muscles and dug up some gems.  We'll be launching her capsule collection for Greenpoint Open Studios.  She'll be here with us Friday, 10/3 for the launch of the collection.  We'll also have illustrations of style icons done by Greenpoint's own Libby VanderPloeg.  But those are so good that they'll get their own post.  

Stay tuned!!!

Here are some outfits she styled with pieces that will be available.  If you could see how quickly she pulled these together out of a warehouse packed with thousands of pounds of clothes, you'd be as impressed as I am.  She's been permanently added to my list of style gurus.  

Which one is your favorite?

Emily Rose Theobald's Capsule Collection

rsvp HERE

Emily Rose Theobald has been capturing the hearts the indie fashion world for years now.   She's posed and styled for so many brands and photographers you undoubtedly already love - think Samantha Pleet, Wray Collection, Amber Bryne Mahoney, Courtney Hall of Light Witch, Amanda Jasnowski of Hokaytokay and so many more. 

She also had a blog, It Girl Rag Doll, and has worked with tons of vintage purveyors.  All of her experiences have lead her to her current position as Fashion Director for Golly Magazine.  They have a kickstarter to fund Issue Two and are SO CLOSE.  There are just a few days left so go help them out now! 

The following photos were all shot by Arden Wray in pieces from the Capsule collection Emily pulled directly from the Dusty Rose warehouse.  

Come down Thursday, 9/18 to shop the collection!

DRV x Claire Geist Warehouse Capsule Collection

There's no denying that people love the thrill of the hunt and the bargain prices that come along with digging for their own gold in our warehouse. But people also love the beauty of a carefully selected assortment of goods, especially when it's been picked by someone who's style they admire.  That's why we're launching our warehouse Capsule Collections.  

We're inviting some of our favorite taste makers to come do the digging for you.  They'll pick out their favorite pieces and you can come shop their looks.  Our first collection will be brought to you by Claire Geist of De Lune Blog.  Come meet her, shop her picks and have some refreshments.  If you can't make it, the collection will be available during our public hours for the following three weeks.  

See you soon! 

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