Announcing: Weekly Warehouse Sales

Ok, folks.  We've just launched our weekly sales.  So, for one week only, we will choose a category to mark down.  The appropriate bin will be marked "SALE BIN" to make it easy for you to find.  The category will change every week.  Popular categories will be put into the rotation more frequently.  Please don't ask for discounts from sales from previous weeks because that's annoying and we want this to be fun.
We don't like bombarding social media feeds with constant reminders, so keep your eye out for images like these to announce the sale for the week.  On Instagram we will use the hashtag #drvweeklysale to make it easier for you to pull it up. 

We are open to the public Tuesdays 3 - 7 pm and Sundays 12 - 6 pm.  We're at 233 Norman Ave in Greenpoint.  Wholesale clients, please call or email for an appointment. 

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