Win a DRV gift certificate Selective Potential's blog!

I've known of Tieka basically as long as I've known of any fashion blogger.  I was always drawn to her slightly more quirky, slightly less strictly commercial style.  So now that I'm about to open my vintage wholesale warehouse in Brooklyn and have been dedicating a little more focus to selling online as well, I instantly thought of Selective Potential as a perfect blog to host a giveaway. 

There will be a few places to nab a Dusty Rose Vintage goodies and/or gift certificates, so I'll be keeping you posted as the opportunities arise.  To enter to win a $30 gift certificate on Selective Potential, follow the instructions on this blog post

Enjoy her mad style and stay tuned for updates on the new space.  It's all more than I can possibly bare to share at the moment, but when I'm feeling less overwhelmed I'll start to spill some beans. 


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