Playing dressup with stylist Stefany Mohebban

Diane Fres top available HERE

I have a special place in my heart for stylists who love vintage.  Stefany and I met and bonded specifically over this love, so when I heard about her new blog, Pretty In Thrift (see?  definitely my kind of fashion nerd!), I knew we needed to do a photo shoot. 

I asked Will Star, my favorite Greenpoint photographer, if he would do the outdoor portion of the shoot.  As you'll see from the photos, some of these looks were pretty steamy, so Stefany definitely got a lot of attention.  I saved some of my favorite pieces for this shoot, and here they are, all for you.  (You can also see more of Stefany's style expertise on her Tumblr).

World's most amazing jumpsuit (no hyperbole!) available HERE                           

60s mustard yellow shift dress available HERE
Snakeskin loafers available HERE,  Chistian Dior fishtail back blazer available HERE
80s lace peplum floral bustier available HERE
60s men's argyle robe worn as jacket available HERE
African safari tribal print midi skirt available HERE
This was a super fun shoot for me because not only does Stefany look incredible in everything, she's also pretty much up for anything (as demonstrated in the photo above - it was like 50 degrees and she stood out in the elements for at least twenty minutes at a time!).  Can't wait to bring you more looks with her!  Check out her blog for even more creative ensembles! 

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