DRV handbag giveaway at Green House of Fashion

I'm a fan of eco fashion in pretty much all forms.  I'm not the crazy idealist I was in my teens believing that consumption had to stop at all costs.  I now see that it's much more about the mechanisms of creation than the end result of consumption.  This is pretty much the reason I do what I do.  Buying vintage means giving new life to something.

When I met Zanna at Green House of Fashion I was pretty excited to find a blog that shared my interest in the cultivation of beautiful things that leave a small carbon footprint.  I'm hoping the whole world's modes of production slowly start moving toward non toxic, biodegradable, repairable, reusable...  But as much as I shy away from the soap box, the problem won't be fixed if we ignore it. 

I love to see people exploring the issues from a place of appreciation for the positive things happening rather than only focusing on anger for what isn't happening.  Green House of Fashion is a great place to find reverence for a job well done. 

I'm excited that Dusty Rose Vintage has the chance to do a giveaway with such an inspirational blogger.   This adorable mahogany leather handbag is up for grabs.  Here's how to enter:

1.  Friend Dusty Rose Vintage on Facebook - www.facebook.com/dustyrosevintage

2.  Leave a comment on this post describing how you'd use the bag (how would you style it, what colors would you wear with it, etc.)

Entries accepted until midnight on Friday, April 20th.  The winner will be randomly selected on April 21st.  Zanna will email you for address information. 

 I love the pink sunnies - such a great touch!

Be sure to check out GHofF on Pinterest and Facebook as well! 

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