Broadist hosts a DRV gift certificate giveaway!

Caroline in an awesome Dusty Rose Vintage leather vest

I'm so excited to announce this Dusty Rose Vintage gift certificate giveaway because I'm basically totally in love with  I've mentioned a few times how excited I get about "real" girls blogging about clothes.  When I first decided to start listing vintage online, I chose to use regular girls as models (check the "Women we think are great" tag for interviews with some really cool gals).  Fashion can feel like a party that only the under 18, under 120 lbs, over 5' 8" folks were invited to, so I get really stoked on all the ordinary "girl next door" girls who still totally geek out on clothes.  There's more of us than them, so why should we be so underrepresented?

I was super stoked to meet Caroline (one half of at our Fashion's Night Out party.  We secured our cred with her because the event was a fundraiser for the amazing lady-positive group, Permanent Wave, and she got points from us for being dressed super bad ass and then winning our styling photo contest with this great getup from our stash. Mutual lady love and respect!

Seriously, how could she not win?

This was the DRV dress she chose as her prize.  Adorable, right?

To win the $40 Dusty Rose Vintage gift certificate, simply reblog this blog post.   But you can also get extra entries by following us on Twitter, Pinterest or Facebook.  The winner will be selected on Monday, April 30th.  Until then you can also use the coupon code 'broadist15' for 15% off anything in the shop


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