Throwbacks - Vintage Hip Hop tees

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Hip hop has changed pretty dramatically over the past few decades, but when I was growing up I remember being so impressed by the amount of creativity and skill crammed into each song.  Wu Tang songs were literally some of the best poetry I was reading back then.  So I was pretty excited when I came across this stash of vintage hip hop tees.  They all came together so it was clear that they all belonged to the same person. 

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It would be silly for me to claim that I was a hip hop head when I was a kid, tho.  I was way more metal so I was pretty stoked when Public Enemy did a collaboration with Anthrax.  Bring the Noise was an awesome song, no?  I also have a special place in my heart for them because I'm from Arizona.  I will never forget the year voters took Martin Luther King, Jr. day off the roster of business holidays.  It was a pretty crappy feeling, but listening to By the Time I get to Arizona helped a little.  Love these guys!  I went to see Chuck D speak in college and was totally crushed out.  And let's face it, Flava Flav is still hilarious and, um, entertaining?

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Another piece of hip hop history...  It still really bums me out how f-n GOOD both Tupac and Biggie were.  It super sucks that they're not gone because can you imagine what they would have done with themselves if they were still around?  

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Where I grew up, Fuct tees were the tees for the skaters who loved hip hop and vice versa.   Maybe it was the same for you too? 

I REEEAAALLLYYY wish that I had found a vintage Snoop Dogg tee in this little collection.  Not sure if I would have been able to let that one go though.  I've got a special place in my heart for that man.  And I think one of the reasons I'll always have the west coast in my blood is "There ain't no party like a west coast party cuz a west coast party don't stop!"

A true piece of graphic tee history

Roach Studios is an Ohio based t-shirt designer that started in 1962.  Graphic tees were actually pretty rare in the 50s and 60s.  There were military and college prints, but not much else.  Then some artists decided to start adorning tees themselves.  They were largely the daredevil set - surfers, racers, bikers and other extreme sport athletes.  

The guys behind Roach were well known and loved in their community.  They had quite a wide range of graphics, but when I found this one I knew it was special because instead of surfers or cars, it took a page from the Peter Max style of psychedelic and cosmic imagery.

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