The Dolls go demure in Dusty Neutrals

It's in the name, so it's probably obvious that I love dusty, muted tones.  Don't get me wrong, I'm way more known for loud, in your face colors and prints, but that comes from processing thousands of pounds of clothes a day.  When you see that much stuff, your eye tends to be drawn to the outlandish.  But I really do love these dusty pastels.  They remind me of the things I actually loved about living in the Southwest...  infinite pink horizons broken by sage colored cacti and purple mountains...  Actually, these colors kind of make me think of the special "Southwestern Theme" McDonalds in Sedona.  The city had (has?  haven't been there in soooo long!) really strict policies about commerce and all the businesses had to use a very specific color palette.

What a weird thing to be reminded of.  I think all of the epic snow New York is getting this year is actually making me miss the desert.  And maybe messing with my head a little bit. 

Joan Threat wears a 60s DITSY FLORAL print dress and a 50s cream handbag 

SCARlet Fever wears a 90s grunge revival HONEYSUCKLE romper

Snowflake wears a 50s sage wool BOBBIE BROOKS sweater

Polka dots, leopard and lace

Just a few of my favorite prints...

This is our first photo shoot with the Downtown Dolls.   We're an all star cast of spitfire gals poised to take over the world, so remember that you heard it here first. 

Our founder and president, Joan Threat, wears an 80s faux fur LEOPARD PRINT jacket

Our treasurer and tiny dancer extraordinaire, Kill E Kapowski wears an 80s GOLD LUREX disco skirt

Our hair stylist and art director, SCARlet Fever wears a 90s polka dot BETSEY JOHNSON maxi skirt
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