She was an American girl

When I was younger I thought being an American was basically an indictment in and of itself.  It wasn't until I started living outside of the country that I started to see some things about my country that truly made it a great place.  It's vastness and diversity alone are unparalleled.  Of course, it's not without its flaws, but what country is perfect anyway?  (Pipe down, Sweden, you have your own issues!)  I didn't go all teabagger or anything, but in a from-a-coast, lefty-liberal kind of way, I'm now proud to be an American.  So here's a little vintage tribute to the red white and blue.  

1960s geometric print hostess dress available here

Somehow Wild as a Mink's Nickie Sixx always ends up in these prim dresses.  It's perfect for hosting your 4th of July party!  If you are a classy lady, that is.  My rooftop BBQ outfits always end up being a little more low brow -denim cutoffs and a Bruce Springsteen muscle tee or something along those lines.  Maybe some day I'll have a 4th party to go to where snazzing up would be appropriate.  
1950s plaid playsuit/romper available here

What's more American than a tattooed pinup girl?    Ok, so Mel of Idee Geniale is actually a Canadian, but much to their chagrin, no one can tell the difference based on site alone.  That's why they plaster that flag all over themselves when they travel.  Secrets out, Canadians.  We all know why you do it.  I'm just glad you don't have the flags all over your suburban homes and pickup trucks.  There's pride and then there's just plain tacky.
1980s red silk polka dot Albert Nipon dress available here

This look seriously cracked me up.  Brooke of One Red Balloon literally looks like Nancy Reagan in these shots.  Which is pretty funny because it's all the rockabilly girls who usually love this dress because red polka dots are a huge part of the quintessential 50s Americana uniform.  So it just goes to show how much hair style and accessories can completely transform a garment.  Imagine this with a shrunken blazer, Bettie Page bangs and saddle shoes.  Yup, you see it.

That's what's so awesome about clothes.  You get to do whatever you want with them.  I like to be someone slightly different every day.  I think some of the folks in my neighborhood think I'm a lunatic (which is probably true) but it's still fun to keep them guessing.  

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Tena Tahirih said...

ALWAYS keep them guessing.
That geometric print hostess dress makes me want to sing.
(And I'm in love with the EXTRA cute chevron stripe mini dress in your etsy shop.)

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