The Status Set

These regal colors and status prints on these garments scream high society.  Perfect for a socialite gathering in the 80s.  They make me think of those amazing passages in Tom Wolfe's Bonfire of the Vanities where he describes in such great detail the clothes that people are wearing at the parties Sherman McCoy attended.  I remember being really impressed by the way how descriptive he was about the fashions of the status set.  I'd love to read his take on these babies.

Joan Threat wears a

1980s black and gold ESCADA silk blouse with Medieval calendar print

Kill E Kepowski wears a

1980s pure silk RALPH LAUREN lion crest scarf print wrap skirt

Snowflake wears a

1990s pure silk MAX MARA regal print blouse



I'm Your Secretary

Long before Maggie Gyllenhaal took my breath away in the movie, I've had a special place in my heart for the demure yet naughty mystique of the secretary.  So prim, high collared blouses are at the top of my love list.  What I particularly love about this little collection is both the way the colors work together, and the fact that they're all high end labels.  When it comes to classic wardrobe staples, I'm a strong believer in going both vintage and top quality.  These pieces will stand the test of time and can be worn in so many ways that they can stay relevant in your closet for decades.  They're perfect for pairing with modern wares. 

Showgirl Godzilla wears a

1980s silk fire engine red YVES SAINT LAURENT kitten bow secretary blouse

Joan Threat wears a

1980s burgundy ST JOHN kitten bow secretary blouse

Kill E Kepowski wears a

1970s honeysuckle peach PACO RABANNE silk ruffle blouse




Romping Around

What is it about rompers that just gets me every time?  They really shouldn't because I have a bladder the size of a walnut and am regularly in NYC bathrooms that aren't really safe for basically totally undressing to have a wee.  And yet my love for them endures. 

This 90s revival darling is so light and airy that I can imagine Showgirl Godzilla contorting her body into any of the amazing shapes she's capable of without the slightest resistance.  

 Downtown Doll SCARlet Fever couldn't possibly be more adorable in this 60s panda print playsuit
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