Introducing Brooke Johnson, aka Kill E. Kapowski

Woh, it's been a REALLY long time since I posted! A lot has changed since then. One of the greatest changes in my life has been the birth of our grrrl gang, The Downtown Dolls. Nickie of Wild As a Mink and Mel of Idee Geniale are also members, so look out for some group gang photo shoots soon!

Brooke Johnson is our treasurer (yes, we take this seriously and all have important positions) and resident silly gal extraordinare. She can be found roaming the streets as Kill E. Kapowski. Don't get in her way when she has that special twinkle in her eye cuz she make look sweet as pie, but she's an undercover badass who takes no prisoners!


So, you're originally a west coast girl. How did you land in NYC?
After graduating college in Utah, I decided I wanted to try life in the big city. So I figured why not move to the biggest one? I love the history of New York and all the opportunities it presents just by living here. It's also possible my obsession with Felicity played a very small role in my moving here, haha.

Describe your perfect NYC day.

I'll describe one of my favorite days I've had so far: My best friend Kim was visiting and we rowed boats in Central Park, had a shopping adventure on Canal Street, lunched in Little Italy, moseyed around Williamsburg for a bit, ate a delicious dinner at Fada then finished the day off with drinks and some photo booth fun at Union Pool.

How about a perfect west coast day?
There are 3 things I love to do whenever I'm visiting California: 1. Take down a Double Double from In & Out, 2. As a big fan of the ocean, I'd frolic on the beach for an afternoon, and 3. Visit an amusement park- Disneyland or Knott's Berry Farm (Ghostrider is the greatest wooden roller coaster on the planet!)

I understand you are in a girl gang. (Wink wink nudge nudge) What's that like?
How did you know!? Well being apart of the Downtown Dolls is pretty much the greatest thing ever. All the girls in the gang are so wonderful and it's so nice to have such a great group of like-minded friends. I feel like we're pretty intimidating... I wouldn't want to run into us on the streets of Brooklyn!! :)

Tell us about your blog: What does it mean to you and why did you start it?

My friends inspired me to start blogging and since I'm learning more about photography, I thought a blog would be a great platform to share my photos. My blog is titled One Red Balloon- I feel like a single red balloon is a classic image that conveys a sense of wonder- an underlying theme I hope comes through in the pictures I take.

How would you describe your personal style?

Hmm.. I feel my style is an East Coast/West Coast blend. It has a scholastic vibe, something I associate with the East Coast, but it's West Coast in the sense that it's simple and laid-back. In short, Nerdy Chic... with flip flops.

What was your favorite look from the Dusty Rose shoot?

Oo so hard to pick just one! I loved the first dress- the short black one with the big sheer sleeves - I felt very glamorous in it. I also really loved the black military jacket with gold trim, gold sequined bra and high waisted leopard skirt. I felt like a cougar on the prowl in that outfit!!

Thank you so much for letting me play dress up in your amazing vintage clothes, Dusty Rose!! I had such an amazing time!!
The pleasure was all mine, darling.

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WILDasaMINK said...

woohoo! can't wait for Sunday after looking thru here--its been too long since we played dress up.

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