The ladies of Stepford

I spent my formative years in the lefty, lady power Pacific Northwest, but sometimes after a backbreaking days work, I find myself daydreaming about being a perfectly coiffed homemaker whose main duties are keeping the house clean and the highballs coming when my darling breadwinner comes home. (Sorry, Portland, please don't hate me.) Of course, I'd never last because cooking and cleaning are not my strong suit, and I go nuts when I'm away from work too long.

But in my fantasy, these would be my summer grilling clothes. I'm such a sucker for 1950s tops. I love the structure and the cinching. I love that you need good posture to look good in one. My comfy clothes make me lazy!

Wild as a Mink looking smoking hot in a 1950s pale yellow SEERSUCKER top

Showgirl Godzilla doing cute girl glam in a 1950s GINGHAM top - SOLD


AmiraFashion said...

hey..a very great blog...passed bye as i read the blog of mel :D

Jessi said...

How sweet your blog =) The idea of being an 50's homemaker is like really romantic hahaha!
Love your sunglasses (;

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