Burnt Orange

So this is our THIRD group photo shoot with Idee Geniale, Wild as a Mink and Showgirl Godzilla. We started with "close to the studio", moved on to "in the park (and by Nickie's apartment)" and the decided to go with "urban rooftop". Little did I know that in one week my landlord would decide that he wanted to give our apartment to his son (we move out on our four year anniversary in this spot!), so I'm glad we got a rooftop shoot in before it was too late. Sigh...

Our bedroom before the gals arrive

Preparing for these shoots is always super fun and super intense. Trying to find themes that work together, praying that something will fit each body, finding the right accessories... and then when the ladies come over with their shoes and their jewels, it all just works itself out.

I put these two looks together because I thought the burnt orange in the garments looked nice together. But it turned out that BURNT was the overall theme of the afternoon - it was so hot that even with about 15 minutes of shooting, we were all melting until we got back down to the AC. So thanks to these ladies for braving the heat!

This is my dream outfit, but it doesn't fit me. But I knew it would be perfect for Mel. And lo and behold, when she and Nickie saw it they both laughed about how perfect it was for her.

1970s ETHNIC PRINT linen top with boat neck

1980s preppy DOONEY AND BOURKE duck logo handbag

1980s burnt orange shorts with SCALLOP detail - SOLD

I think I've at least alluded to this before, but Nickie has a body that doesn't quit, so (as you'll see in some coming looks) I kinda end up putting her in some more, ahem, "sexy" looks. But I thought it would be nice to see her in something more elegant and classic. Don't worry, the sexy stuff is coming and it will be worth the wait!

1950s floral print FULL SWEEP school girl skirt with polka dots

1980s UNGARO structured handbag with textured faux aligator skin


Lemondrop Marie said...

Love burnt orange and the way you styled it! Fantastic shoot!

Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge
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Andi said...

The burnt orange shorts are amazing - I love the scallop detailing. Cute blog!

Come check mine and - and enter my headband giveaway at tightsandbites.com!

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