Up in the Air

This was the final look for our last photo shoot with Idee Geniale, Wild as a Mink, and Showgirl Godzilla. I love jumping shots, especially when there are three ladies up in the air all at once!

My goal this summer is to take full advantage of my new living room layout and my beautiful rooftop view by having plenty of fancy cocktail parties. I'm not really much of a cook, but I love to create new summer cocktail recipes. And fancy cocktails always taste better in a fancy dress, right? I guess that's why I'm such a magpie when it comes to hoarding vintage evening dresses. It just seems like so many occasions are improved with a touch of formality.

Idee Geniale wears 1960s black LACE cocktail dress with ruffle neck

Wild as a Mink wears Black 1980s HEAVILY BEADED spaghetti strap dress

Showgirl Godzilla wears Black 1980s off the shoulder SUEDE bandage dress



cute blog!
I opened a new fashion blog too, I hope u'll be one of my followers:-)


Sophie@Diary of a Young Designer said...

Omgosh the dresses are incredible! Adore your blog, thanks for visiting mine! =D


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