Hecho en Mexico

Mexican wedding dresses are perfect for a day in the park. If you live in a place that gets humid they're even better. The light gauzy cotton breathes so well, so no clingy mishaps.

This is yet another look from our Park Slope shoot with Idee Geniale, Showgirl Godzilla, and Wild as a Mink. Getting these gals together is so fun because they all become something so different in front of the camera.

Mel looking effortlessly adorable in a 1970s embroidered MEXICAN mini dress (SOLD)

Nikka gracefully sporting a Cream 1970s embroidered MEXICAN WEDDING dress

Nickie sassing it up in a Pink 1970s gauzy MEXICAN tent tunic with ruffle shoulders

Ma Vie en Rose

Ok, maybe it's my riot grrrl past, or some part of me that wants to rebel against my super PC womens studies college education, but I can't seem to get enough of gals in pink. I always end up with a ton when I go buying, so I feel like I might have enough to always have one all pink photo shoot. If the models will allow it, of course. I know not everyone is as keen as I. But they all just look so darn GOOD in it!!!

Showgirl Godzilla
wearing a 1970s pale pink POINTELLE KNIT mini dress

Idee Geniale wearing a Pastel pink 1980s micro mini BABYDOLL knit dress with cream floral print

Wild as a Mink wearing a 1960s mod dress with pink Victorian TOILE print

Maximize your life

This is look two from our photo shoot with fashion bloggers Idee Geniale, Wild as a Mink and Showgirl Godzilla. We went from mini to maxi. We love maxi dresses because they're perfect for a picnic in the park. You can sit on a blanket without any indiscreet panty shots!

We did these shots later in the day, so we had basically been surviving on a liquid diet. Nickie was nice enough to make sandwiches for props, but they disappeared pretty quickly once we took some pictures.

Mel and Nickie walking out of Prospect Park. It was pretty much impossible for the ladies not to get stares when they were dressed in somewhat similar getups with two lackeys following them with four giant cameras. They gave Park Slope a whole afternoon of entertainment!

1970s pale yellow EYELET LACE sundress

1970s maxi dress with BIRDS and rural scenery print

White 1970s PRAIRIE maxi wedding dress

Minimize your life

OK, it's official. We LOOOOOVE doing photo shoots with this unstoppable trio. Showgirl Godzilla, Wild as a Mink and Idee Geniale all bring something slightly different to the table, and when they all come together it's like a Japanese anime moment where their super powers meet and create this SUPER super power. Once they pick out their own outfit, hair and accessories start flying as they style themselves and eachother. If you like looking at pretty girls in cute clothes, it's a slice of heaven. Here's what Nickie's bed looked like with only some of the accessories.

For this shoot we did a cream mini look. These dresses actually all used to be maxis, but when I gave them to my tailor to make them into minis, she really went for it! Mel is the shortest of the bunch, and she still had to wear denim cutoffs just in case!

Cream 1970s FLORAL PRINT micro mini dress with puff sleeves

I'm five feet tall, so I have a special place in my heart for Mel's brand of adorable. As long as you put her in something that's not going to swallow her, she's guaranteed to bring the cute. It's seriously bizarre to see how quickly she can take a piece and make it completely her own.

Cream 1960s mod FLORAL PRINT mini dress

Nickie is fun to play with because she's as sassy as Dolly Parton, and similarly, um, ahem, "endowed". Her legs are impossibly long, and finding a top that will accommodate her is a challenge we're always up for. And somehow she always ends up looking a bit like a 1960s cocktail hostess, so clearly she has another calling in life. Her tray skills are unmatched!

1970s cream CANDI JONES romantic wedding dress

And Nikka... she has the shocking beauty of an exotic bird and the grace of, well, of a dancer. A showgirl, to be precise. When she throws her limbs around effortlessly I just keep telling myself "We all have different talents and you are still a totally respectable human being even though you can't wrap yourself into a pretzel." Her body is always perfectly poised and she has this smoldering look that kinda makes me weak in the knees.

Thank you, thank you, ladies for another great day! There are still so many more lovely photos to come!


Up in the Air

This was the final look for our last photo shoot with Idee Geniale, Wild as a Mink, and Showgirl Godzilla. I love jumping shots, especially when there are three ladies up in the air all at once!

My goal this summer is to take full advantage of my new living room layout and my beautiful rooftop view by having plenty of fancy cocktail parties. I'm not really much of a cook, but I love to create new summer cocktail recipes. And fancy cocktails always taste better in a fancy dress, right? I guess that's why I'm such a magpie when it comes to hoarding vintage evening dresses. It just seems like so many occasions are improved with a touch of formality.

Idee Geniale wears 1960s black LACE cocktail dress with ruffle neck

Wild as a Mink wears Black 1980s HEAVILY BEADED spaghetti strap dress

Showgirl Godzilla wears Black 1980s off the shoulder SUEDE bandage dress
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