Nice day for a WHITE WEDDING

Yet another look from our photo shoot with Idee Geniale, Wild as a Mink and Showgirl Godzilla.

This futuristic dress is perfect for a spacey, sci fi prom queen. The shoulders remind us of the structural 80s Theirry Mugler pieces that make us swoon.

Idee Geniale wears 1980s VAMP SHOULDER peekaboo back body con prom dress

This dress screams Madonna: Like a Virgin. Just add some crimped hair and black lace gloves and you’re good to go! Then again, maybe you're more in the mood for a little Billy Idol: White Wedding. Either way...

Wild as a Mink wears White 80s sleeveless LACE OVERLAY tiered ruffle prom dress

Victor Costa was famous for the quality of his copycat work. We’re not sure who he’s imitating with this design, but it’s spot on. The form-fitting, rouche-pleated top tapers down to a flattering pencil skirt. And the oversized bow in the back is the perfect embellishment. The metallic silver polka dots add some interest without being over the top. You can be the most glamorous one at the party without wearing a dress that screams for attention.

Showgirl Godzilla wears 1980s STRAPLESS silver polka dot VICTOR COSTA party dress

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