The Belles of the Ball

My day to day wear is pretty casual, so I love absolutely any excuse to get dolled up. But I have to admit that I'm partial to spring or summer events like weddings or prom (and these can extend WAY beyond high school - just slap any ol' noun or adjective before the word prom, get your friends to participate, dress accordingly and you're sorted!). Winter holiday parties are grand, but I'm a weather wuss so I'm always FREEZING.

All these dresses could be worn in the winter with appropriate accessories, but they are so much more fun when they can shine on their own. This is another formal look from our shoot with fashion bloggers Wild As a Mink, Showgirl Godzilla and Idee Geniale. I'm so glad they love playing dress up as much as I love dressing them up!

Wild As a Mink wearing 1980s black OFF THE SHOULDER dress with OVERSIZED BOW and rhinestone buttons

Showgirl Godzilla wearing 1980s teal and black prom dress with PEPLUM and rhinestone accent bow

Idee Geniale wearing 1980s Black and Gold METALLIC shelf top prom dress

3 comments : ☀☀ said...

I love these dresses but the black one is gorgeous!!

xx Alex

WILDasaMINK said...

I like the teal one the best! And summertime weather--YUcK! Too hot and sticky...I'm much more of an autumn girl myself; October is my favorite month in NYC-its always the perfect weather!

Katie said...

That teal and black one is amazing, doubt I could pull it off but it is fabulous!

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