She's a Showgirl Godzilla

Gush... Nikka Graff Lanzarone is just one of those girls. She's a tall, slender, raven haired beauty with intense eyes that are a color that's almost impossible to describe - just let the photos do it for me. She's drop dead gorgeous AND she's filled to the brim with amazing stories. (I know, not fair, right?) She comes from a long line of performers - how many of your parents have Wikipedia pages?? - , so she basically came out of the womb dancing. During our shoot we talked about being bicoastal, staying sane in Las Vegas, and the meaning of that adorable swan tattoo on her foot. We can't wait to do it again!

So, you were born in California, but raised by native New Yorkers. That must have been interesting...

Interesting, yes, but very much the norm for me. We went back and forth to NYC a lot when I was a kid, and I feel like that shaped me a lot as well. I've always had a lot of family on both coasts, and felt at home both West and East. My parents brought a definite New York sensibility to their LA lifestyle, which made for fewer beach days, but the kind of cultural education I might not have had otherwise.

Describe your perfect day in New York.

Funnily enough, I just had one of those perfect NYC days a couple of weeks ago. I think you can't plan the perfect New York day, it just has to unfold as the time passes... This particular perfect day was spent with my dear friend John- we went to the Tim Burton exhibit at the MoMa (incredible), wandered the design store, wandered through the city a bit, found a place for dinner, and then walked up to Lincoln Plaza just in time to see "Broken Embraces" and then kept on walking. Perfect New York days just happen, and you have to be open to the idea that anything could be next.

And LA?

As long as there's an In-N-Out Burger or a Phillipe's French Dip in there somewhere, I'm good! Thrift shopping, people-watching, browsing through Amoeba Records, visiting with old friends. LA days have become more about making the most of my time there.

What was it like being an only child with parents in showbiz?

Pretty normal, actually- we still had dinner together at the kitchen table almost every night. My parents were never too into the Hollywood scene, which I'm grateful for. Growing up in LA, I went to school with a lot of kids who barely saw their parents because they were off in another country doing a movie or something, so I consider myself extraordinarily lucky to be part of such a close-knit family.

You write the amazingly titled blog Showgirl Godzilla. How did that start?

Haha, thanks! Showgirl Godzilla started while I was working in Vegas. I had obsessed over style blogs for awhile and toyed with the idea of starting one myself, but never actually did it. In Vegas, I was, for the first time in an awfully long time, inundated with free time. I was a little depressed (my boyfriend goes to school in the Caribbean, I had a lot of time to think about that as well as being so far away from home), and to pull myself out of it and remind myself to be grateful to be working and for the experience I was having, I started the blog. I thought it would help me to be obligated to do something every single day as well as explore my creativity outside of my field, and it did all of that and more for me.

The name comes from a twofold story- the "showgirl" part is pretty obvious, as I am a tall dancer who has been known to wear feathers on my head on more than one occasion, but "godzilla" comes from a coworker of my boyfriend's. When my boyfriend and I first started dating, apparently his coworker got sick of him always calling me "this girl I'm seeing," so he nicknamed me Godzilla, and it stuck. I also feel like an awkward monster a fair amount of the time, so it works in my regular life as well :)

What has been your experience with blogging so far?

I'm still so new to the scene, I feel like my nose is pressed up against the glass a lot! I'm amazed at the beauty and creativity and support in all these bloggers, and the wonderful community I've been staring at for so long has begun to embrace me. I love meeting people with all different styles and skill sets expressing themselves through fashion, and I can't wait to ensconce myself further in the world. It's great fun, a welcome release, and full of the sweetest people anyone could ever meet (much like yourself!). <-- [Thanks, Nikka!] :)

What is one of your favorite things about being a showgirl?

The feeling that I'm continuing a long line of people who have come before, with my own kooky version of glamour. The theatre community is just a wonderful thing to be a part of. Also, sparkly EVERYTHING! I have become a fiend for DIY rhinestone things.

Least favorite?

Hmm....I'm trying to think of something, and the only thing I can think of is trying to stay smiley and sexy when I'm PMSing and need to be on the couch with ice cream! But really, that's not even that bad. I have a couple of good falling onstage stories, those days weren't my brightest either!

So, what's the story with the swan tattoo on your foot?

Around four years ago, my life as I knew it crumbled right out from under me. I was pretty devastated, and I had to figure out what came next. I did three shows that year, and played birds or birdlike characters in two of them. Since I am a pretty obsessive researcher, I started looking into why I might continue to be cast as a bird (and not just because of the beak-nose on my face...), and started finding things talking about the molting process (here's some nerdy research on it). It doesn't happen all at once, it's kind of a pain for the bird, and it takes a lot of time and energy- but when the molt is finally complete, the bird is a better bird, a stronger flier. The swan on my foot has a few feathers coming out of it to symbolize the molting process as it relates to growing up and trying to become the person I want to be. Ugly duckling to swan, if you will...

How would you describe your personal style?

I like to say that I'm built like a cartoon superhero! I'm obsessed with Jane Birkin, Edie Sedgwick, Karen O, Chloe Sevigny, Bob Fosse, Alber Elbaz and Marc Jacobs (of course). It's an interesting mix and there are tons more, but those are the first that come to mind.

I love structure, studs, and sparkles mixed with super-feminine pieces. Details are key, as is visual interest. I like juxtaposing textures and patterns with layering and proportion. I like to mix high with low, and vintage with street style. I love thrifting, and have a twinkle in my eye to start altering and remixing my own clothes (the huge pile of dresses that need to be hemmed should start to get smaller soon, I hope). There is rarely a store I won't try out, I'm open to everything! I love statement jewelry- the more the merrier! I also have a pretty outlandish shoe collection, which just continues to grow...

What was your favorite Dusty Rose piece?

I will probably have to say the jumper- it was so much fun to wear, and I could see myself lazing around in Central Park all summer in it!

Thanks, Nikka!


Tena Tahirih said...

She is interesting and funny!
It doesn't hurt that she's totally gorgeous, too.

(My favorite photo was also the jumper shot. Sassy to the max.)

cyndi said...

HOT! ~~sizzle~~ HOT!

i love what you are doing!

Christy said...

She looks like a raven beauty!

jamie clare said...

she's stunning and she wears clothes like nobody's business. beyonce couldn't pull of that sassy little jumper.

theNerdPatrol said...

Great model and interview - the whole package! :)

Tiffany said...

holy cow! what a babe!

really interesting lady, where do i sign up for the showgirl lifestyle?

Daisy said...

she looks amazing, love it all! if only we could style ourselves this perfectly every morning ...

Siri said...

She is the most lovely Godzilla I've ever seen! I like the cream dress and black shoes, myself. Though the account of Amoeba makes me miss home too. Though my first Amoeba was the Berkeley one.

tomike said...

delicate clothes of yore|
fall you might on future babies|
beautiful thread of life
make me clothes beautifully!!!!!
SO! that an athena-lanza-nikka dances
into a binary future.

sanjeet said...

looks like a raven beauty!
fashion videos

Midnight Cowgirl said...

Great interview!

Second Skin said...

I love Nikka So much! This is such a great interview! She is the kind of girl you just want to know more and more about!

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