Poetry in Motion

delicate clothes of yore|
fall you might on future babies|
beautiful thread of life
make me clothes beautifully!!!!!
SO! that an athena-lanza-nikka dances
into a binary future.

I'm pretty sure people don't spend too much time reading the comments on blogs, so when our dear friend Thomas Isaac left this one, I felt like I had to let it see the light of day. Plus, our readers will be hearing more about him in the future. With all of the androgyny and "boyfriend" this and "boyfriend" that going on in the sartorial world right now, we've decided to roll out some of our favorite unisex wear, and we're hoping Thomas will be our first model. He is an extremely interesting guy with a lot of extremely interesting things going on in his life, so this will be an interview you shouldn't miss!


showgirl godzilla said...

i feel so totally warm and fuzzy and awesome...i don't think anyone has ever written me a poem before! wow! coolest.ever.

redhedgingerbread said...

Very cool - I'll be watching!! And YES that needed to see the light of day!

Erika said...

Such a fabulous idea; I love this!! :)

sanjeet said...

She is interesting and funny!
It doesn't hurt that she's totally gorgeous, too.
fashion videos

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