A day in the eyes of UnoCosa

A few weeks ago, we had the opportunity to meet up with the inspirational blogger UnoCosa. A mix of art, fashion and philosophy, her blog details her personal experiences with the visual world.

On a cold NY afternoon, UnoCosa and Velizar made their way out to our studio in Williamsburg. They documented their journey in photos, and once inside the studio, she took several pictures of objects that spoke to her in some way. These are items we see every day. In fact, they have become so mundane that we don’t really see them at all, so it was nice to take another look through someone else’s lens.

Here are some of the photos. We don’t want to take away from her descriptions, so please check out her blog post to read about it in her own words.

It was great to talk to UnoCosa about her experience as a designer here in New York. She has a very intellectual relationship with the design process. She told us that she has to try to protect her inner-self so she can maintain her independence and creativity in our ever-more commercial and corporate world. I was personally struck by her ability to let go of the designs she had poured her heart into. She explained that, working for a commercial fashion company, she can easily loose her creative edge because of the expectation to make things in the most economic and efficient way. No matter how wonderful a design is, most likely it will not be manufactured the way it was originally designed. Rather than feeling dissatisfied by this, she makes the conscious choice to separate herself mentally to keep from getting too attached to her work. During the design stages, she pours everything into the process. She cares about each design, collection or project and gives her complete attention to every detail. But, when the designs are out of her hands they get manipulated into their final forms through the production stage, and she simply lets go of them and their fates.

UnoCosa compares designing commercial products with parenting a child. No matter how careful you are when raising a child, there is always a chance that when they fly the nest, they will live a life that you might not think is best. So, by choosing not to attach herself to the final outcome of her designs, she can preserve her energy for continuous creativity, and pursue other independent design projects, where she and her partner, Velizar, have full control from beginning to end.

Once UnoCosa started digging through the racks, we were able to truly see her unique sense of style. She put pieces together in such unexpected ways, never even needing to remove any of the clothes she came in with. She was drawn to layers and mixing colors and textures. Here you can see her mixing a heavy wool Missoni coat with a very lightweight, gauzy shirt dress and a rope belt.

And here you see her mix a very fuzzy, bright pink mohair sweater with a more neutral aqua knit dress.

And a fuzzy mohair sweater with a stunning abstract print.

This is one of the dresses we chose specifically for her because we know how much she loves black, as well as texture and form. It’s a 1960s mesh tent dress with rickrack squiggles all over. It’s one of the more breathtaking pieces we’ve had the pleasure of finding in our fifteen years of searching. And I’m pretty sure we’d be safe in assuming it was UnoCosa’s favorite piece of the day (listing pending).

It was so cool to read about her experience, so please check out her blog post about her day with us.

Thanks for the fresh perspective, UnoCosa!

CREDIT: Photographed by Velizar Iordanov. Editing by UnoCosa @ DS Art Studio.


UnoCosa said...

it was sooo much fun!!! love the way you put the post together, xx

styleodyssey said...

i adore UnoCosa! her style is simply wonderful. her creative approach to life via fashion, and her individuality set her apart.

sanjeet said...

she's stunning
fashion videos

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