Introducing Loribeth Capella

Loribeth Capella is a musician, artist and girl-about-town in New York City. We took some pictures of her wearing our clothes, and spoke about music, found objects and Mexican iguanas.

We put some of your collages on our site. We love them. What’s going on in your work?

These pieces are from a fictional family album series I have been working on for a couple of years. It is inspired by family scrap-booking, mixed with ideas from Victorian decoupage. I use found and my own photography, as well as textile prints, antique jewelry, old catalogs, anything that catches my eye at the swap meets.

There’s an absurd domestic thing happening in your work that Dusty Rose loves.

Yeah, I guess they are pretty surreal family scenes. Sometimes I sneak images of my family and I into the work. Most are distorted childhood memories. Sugar sweet but slightly creepy at the same time.

Did you go to school for art?

I went to Parsons School of Design and studied illustration, but in some ways my work developed in opposition to what I experienced there. A lot of my classmates were into hyper-realist work, and I tried to work that way. But I pushed against that after graduating, because I was kind of bored of it. I got more into using found images and blowing them up and then cutting them up so they are unrecognizable. That’s way more fun for me.

Do you show your work in the city?

No, I need to. I’ve been a bit shy about it, but that is the plan. Sometimes I think I'm going to end up like Henry Darger and no one will ever see my work until they find thousands of collages in my apartment after I die.

You’re also in Dusty Rose’s favorite named band: Musik Klub.

I’m glad you like it! Musik Klub is all about hanging out with friends who don’t take themselves too seriously, but still want to play good music you can dance around in your underwear to. We play fun, keyboard/ synth dance music, and we also use a kindergarten-sized glockenspiel on some songs. I have to play a kids’ one because I’m kind of small and its easy to carry on the subway. It’s hard to explain what we sound like I'm not even sure I know. Someone said we sounded a little like Tom Tom Club. I can dig that.

We want to put one of your songs on our blog.

Definitely. We’re just finishing up a new track in the studio right now. We’ll send it to you as soon as it’s done.

Have you been in other bands before?

I was in a funny punk band when I was younger. We were called ATM. We wrote some silly songs, but the Music Club project is a little more mature.

You just got back from Tulum, Mexico. What was it like?

It’s heaven under the sun. It’s a hippy resort, the kind of place where you can walk barefoot in the jungle, and hang out next to iguanas on the oldest cliffs in the world. Everyone is really happy and peaceful, there’s no crime or anything to worry about. I felt so inspired there. Maybe it was the Mayan spiritual healing. Everyone needs a Mexican holiday. And Tulum is hurting after Swine Flu, so it’s really cheap if you book your trip now.

Did you enjoy taking pictures with us?

Yes, you guys have wonderful taste in vintage. I especially liked that little kids’ dress with the British policemen on it. That, and the cool mom slacks with the plaid shirt. That was fantastic – I felt six feet tall in those pants.

Thanks, Loribeth.
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