One of our favorite fashion bloggers, Idee Geniale

We were so excited to do a collaboration with the lovely and talented Idee Geniale. She has such a unique personal style, so we were really interested to see how she would style the pieces she picked out. We follow her blog, Idee Geniale, as well as her posts on Chictopia, so we were curious to see what she'd choose when she came to our studio. Some of the pieces were not what I would have expected, and I was amazed at how she added her own uniquely modern vision to the looks.

This is a 1960s Pendleton jacket that were were digging for it's country rustic feel, but she threw that image on it's head and glammed it up by cinching the waist with a belt and pairing it with some shmancy Armani shorts. We were tres impressed!

This is a 1950s school girl cropped sweater. I was thinking deep indigo jeans, thick cuffs and saddle shoes. I'm a vintage lass at heart and tend to take things very literally at times. So I was so stoked to see her take. I feel like her styling makes this look totally 50s French Bohemian. She looks like she was a card carrying member of the Beat Generation. Awesome!

And not only does Idee Geniale's have impeccable fashion sense, she also makes adorable hair accessories on Etsy!

Stay tuned for more photos and an interview!

Join us at the 2009 Bust Holiday Craftacular

If you are in New York, come out and see us at the Bust Holiday Craftacular. It's Sunday, December 6th from 10:00 - 7:30 at the Metropolitan Pavilion (125 W. 18th Street, btwn 6th and 7th Ave).

We will have tons of stuff that's not listed in our shop, plus lots of fun gift items like housewares, pulp fiction and jewelry.

Hope to see you there!

Why we love vintage...

When we were shooting this look an Austrian girl on the street came up to ask if this jacket was vintage. When we told her yes she was overcome with nostalgia and told us that when she was a child all the kids wore these jackets. She said she couldn’t believe she was seeing this blazer on a random street in Williamsburg and that it was such a nice piece of home.

And then we felt all warm and fuzzy. :)

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